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Speed Acetamiprid 20% SP Insecticide

Speed Acetamiprid 20% SP Insecticide

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Acetamiprid 20% SP Insecticide

Mode of Action:

Speed exhibits a systemic translaminar action. It has a novel mechanism of action on the insect nervous systems by acting as an agonist to nAch.

It also exhibits triple action: ovicidal, adulticidal and larvicidal.



The Exciting foliar Insecticide with New mode of action.

Quick knockdown of a wide range of Foliar-feeding pests such as Aphids, Whiteflies, Leafhoppers, and Plant bugs.

Long term action/control.

Unique translaminar activity that puts protection on both sides of the leaf surface.

Effective broad-spectrum ovicidal/adulticidal/larvicidal activity, including pyrethroid-resistant pests.

Low toxicity on beneficials.

Relative low dose of application.


Preparation for Spray Solution:

Take a small quantity of water in a container and dissolve required quantity of Speed in it. Stir this solution properly and mix it with the remaining quantity of water. The volume of total water required will depend on crop stage, crop cover, the total area to be treated and the type of sprayer used.



Recommendations of Acetamiprid 20% SP Insecticide :

Central Insecticides Board authenticated recommendation for the control of Aphids, Jassids & Whiteflies in cotton crop at a dose of 50 - 100 g of formulation per hectare.

Crop Common name of the Pest Dosage/acre(gm) Dilution in Water (Liter) Waiting Period (days)
Cotton Aphids 20 200-240 15
Jassids 20 200-240 15
Whiteflies 40 200-240 15
Cabbage Aphids 30 200-240 7
Okra Aphids 30 200-240 3
Chilli Thrips 20-40 200-240 3
Rice BPH 20-40 200-240 7




Speed is compatible with many kind of pesticides presently available in the market, except strong alkaline chemicals such as Bordeaux mixture.


It is not phytotoxic on any crops if used at recommended doses.

Precautions and Antidotes:

Accidental ingestion should be avoided at all costs. Wear protective clothing while spraying. Wash hands and body after spraying. Do not eat or drink or smoke while spraying. If accidental poisoning occurs call physician immediately. Treat patient symptomatically.

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