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B-10 Liquid Boron Fertilizer (Boron Ethanolamine 10%)

B-10 Liquid Boron Fertilizer (Boron Ethanolamine 10%)

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B-10 Liquid Boron Fertilizer

B-10 is a boron fertilizer, complexed with ethanolamine, which is proven to be the most effective source of boron for plant metabolism.

Boron is required by many biological functions in plants.

Boron greatly enhances reproductive functions by promoting pollination, seed and fruit development.

It is also essential for cell division, protein synthesis, cell wall formation, sugar translocation and many other vital biological functions in plants.

B-10 is an effective, readily available and easy to absorb source of Boron for foliar application and fertigation. B-10 is recommended to prevent and correct Boron deficiency and boost fertility in plants.

Benefits of Liquid Boron Fertilizer:

  • Boron is essential for germination of pollen grains and growth of pollen tubes.
  • Boron is essential for seed and cell wall formation and it plays an important role in the development and growth of new cells.
  • Help in absorption of nitrogen.
  • Boron forms sugar/borte complexes associated with sugar translocation.
  • Boron is important in protein synthesis. Absorption of salt and Harmon movement in the plant.
  • Regulation of Carbohydrate metabolism.


Crops Benefitted:

B-10 can be used for cotton, potato, wheat, oilseeds, onion, apple, mango, lemon cabbage, cauliflower, grapes, capsicum, tomato, beans and horticultural crops, etc.

Dose- 0.5-1.5ml/ liter of water

Country of Origin - India

Country of Origin -

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